Saturday, May 12, 2007

FuckProxy vs IIITLANBrowser

Just now got a scrap on orkut from Ankur Khare thanking me for FuckProxy. I am always delighted to hear such compliments. But I noticed he was using it from his home. I was surprised how could FP work from outside campus as I had specifically disabled it for requests from outside IIIT on Monga's request. Actually it has a bug and it works from everywhere. Need to fix that.

FP is not meant to be used from outside. If you are outside, use IIITLANBrowser. It provides a login mechanism so that only IIITians can use it. Also, FuckProxy url redirect mechanism is set for inside campus. I guess people manually change urls to view pages through FP. Why to take that pain when you have an option?

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