Tuesday, June 24, 2008

YUI and FTP++

Well a few months ago I was very much excited about YUI. I used it to make the search UI for FTP++ look good.(Well.. atleast tried to make it look good :). But it seems the datatable from YUI is inefficient in handling large amount of data. Searching FTP++ with 1000 results basically hangs your browser. Search on FTP++ is currently pretty useless and most people directly jump to movies page. So, now I am going to follow Google's technique of "Keep it simple" :P (Read between the lines too :D ) I would remove the YUI stuff and display a simple HTML page with search results.
Another ideas is to reverse index the urls to make search faster. Right now I just dump all urls in mysql table and do a simple mysql search.
Also I wish to put some counters etc. to track which part of site is mostly used.

Friday, June 13, 2008

IIIT Lan Browser fixed to work with Firefox 3

Left college and entered into the corporate world. Last 2 weeks were really hectic (on account of joining the new company). Finally found some time to fix some of my old stuffs :)

So don't wait and click here to get the lastest version of ILB. If you want to know what was actually wrong, read on.

Firefox 3 is now all gaga about preventing "man in the middle" attacks and has introduced the funda of secure updates. Extensions hosted on SSL secure sites like addons.mozilla.org have no problems(other than updating the maxVersion variable to 3.0.*). But the ones hosted on normall HTTP sites need to provide SSL secure updates or some weird key, hash, bla bla functionality to work with FF3.

Now I don't know how to host my 200 website on HTTPS without going to the sysadmins. And setting public/private keys and signing with digital signatures is a pain in the ***. And uploading my extension to addons.mozilla.org will take time in getting reviewed and being publicly available. So I have disabled automatic updates in version 1.2 to make it compatible with ff3. Once the new version gets reviewed by mozilla, people can then uninstall this one and install the one hosted at mozilla.(and get auto updates).

Any problems? Post here.