Monday, June 11, 2007

Its fun to make pages with YUI

Lately I have been experimenting with Yahoo User Interface (YUI) library. Its a library for making web interfaces, in javascript / ajax. It has controls similar to win32 common controls like treeView, dataTable, dataGrid, button, menu, etc. This library makes "web page making" so easy. It also has connection manager, xml parser, event handler, etc. to make life easy with ajax kind of scripting. It provides standard CSS files which allows you to make similar looking pages irrespective of the browser: Reset CSS, Font CSS, Grid CSS. I haven't tried much of the CSS files, though.
I made an FTP browser using YUI. Ceck this out. Obviously, there is more to it then just YUI. The server side scripting for it is part of what I was making for FTP Search. But it seems that I don't have time for it now :)